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 A Fine Filipino Tradition

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What are the five basic of Barong Tagalog?

The All-over pechera is embroidered "all-over" the front area hence is the longest to create among the other styles. The Half-open pechera is the most popular among all the styles, has its opening halfway down the chest with a U-shape embroidery design around the pechera(opening). The Pelaez has a broader and wider U-shaped embroidery design around the pechera. The Full-open Pechera has its opening straight down with a vertical strip of embroidery on both sides of front. The Raya is the most special among the styles, it is commonly worn by men in wedding ceremonies, has a U-shape embroidery around the pechera and strips of embroidery design on the sleeves and at the back of the shirt.

All-over Pechera

Full-open Pechera

Half-open Pechera



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